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Metal Roofing in Farmington

Metal Roof Traditional tile roofing materials are popular for many residential properties, while metal roofing has classically been used for larger industrial buildings like offices. But in recent years, trends indicate that metal roofing is becoming more popular for houses in Farmington. Lloyd’s Quality Roofing teams up with service masters within the Farmington region by providing the best metal roofing materials.

Why buy Metal Roofing?


Tough Materials

There are numerous reasons residents choose metal roofing. It’s durable while also being lightweight. Although metal roofing has typically been applied to factories, homeowners reap benefits from the material too. Traditional home roofing materials like tile can decay after a decade or so. This invites pests, mold and draftiness into the house. Conversely, metal roofing can stand up to half a century without requiring maintenance. Metal roofing is also stronger than traditional roofing when it comes to weather-related damage from hail or falling trees.

Earth Friendly & Cost Effectiveness

Today, environmental concerns are one of the top priorities for homeowners. If your contractors are interested in going green, they could suggest metal roofing to their own clients. Metal roofing is highly reflective and blocks solar radiation from affecting homes in the hottest of months. Without excess heat entering the home, residents won’t need air conditioning as much. This lowers their cooling costs and energy use. With a 50 year investment with a metal roof, your employees won’t need to repair or replace metal roofs as regularly. When they do, a majority of metal roofing materials are recyclable, so there’s less to add to the landfill.


A few residents might resist metal roofing because of its appearance, but metal comes in different colors and patterns to add beauty to a house. Patterns such as shingle, shake and vertical panel imitate standard roofing materials. Metal roofing brings character to houses around the Farmington area without looking like a hot tin mess.

Farmington Trusts Lloyd’s Quality Roofing

For roofing contractors around the area, having the right materials on time is essential. With Lloyd’s Quality Roofing, you and your contractors can feel confident that your materials will make it on time and correctly fulfilled. Contact us today for more information about our metal roofing supplies.

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