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Metal Roofing in Roy

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Traditional tile roofing materials are popular for many residential properties, while metal roofing has classically been used for larger commercial properties like factories. But recent trends show that metal roofing is becoming more popular for homes around Roy. Lloyd’s Quality Roofing collaborates with contractors throughout the Roy region by providing the best metal products.

Benefits of Metal Roofing


There are numerous reasons residents opt for metal roofing. It is durable while also being buoyant. Although metal roofing has usually been reserved for industrial spaces, homeowners can benefit from the material too. Traditional home roofing materials like asphalt tend to decay after a short time. This attracts insects, fungus and moisture into the home. Conversely, metal roofing can stand up to 30-50 years without needing maintenance. Metal roofing is also stronger than standard roofing against meteorological risks from high winds or falling debris.

Eco-friendly and Cost Effectiveness

These days, using energy wisely has been one of the top priorities for homeowners. If your contractors are on board with going green, they should offer metal roofing to their own customers. Metal roofing is very reflective and blocks solar radiation from affecting buildings during the summer. With less heat coming into the house, residents can turn down the AC. This lowers their bills and carbon footprint. With a many decades long purchase of a metal roof, your contractors won’t need to repair or renew metal roofs as frequently. If they do, most metal roofing materials are recyclable, so it creates less waste.


Some homeowners may be resistant to metal roofing because of its appearance, but metal is available in different hues and textures to add beauty to a house. Patterns like shingle, tile and natural metals mimic traditional roofing materials. Metal roofing brings class to houses around the Roy area without looking like a hot tin mess.

Roy Trusts Lloyd’s Quality Roofing

For roofing contractors around the area, having the right supplies on time is crucial. With Lloyd’s Quality Roofing, you and your team can rest assured that your supplies will make it on schedule and correctly fulfilled. Talk to us now for more details about our metal roofing supplies.

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