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Dealing with hail can be tricky business and a lot of people don’t realize that little storms can have big consequences. Because hail comes in lots of sizes and densities, most people assume that storms containing the golf ball sizes are the only ones worth worrying about. This is because everyone can hear the physical damage these storms inflict. Denting cars, breaking windows, chipping shingles, exposing the fiberglass mat and granule loss. But did you know that even a 10-15 minute storm containing pellet sized hail can do a lot of damage to your roof?

Where the hail hits repeatedly, you can experience granule loss. This means that the mineral granules break off or get displaced from the repeated barrage from a hail storm. This exposes the asphalt coating and can lead to an faster aging and breakdown of your shingle. The damage here is harder to spot but can have lasting effects on your roof. So if you are unsure how much damage your roof has taken, it is wise to us come and survey the damage. We offer free estimates and work with insurance companies.

Other types of damage hail storms often cause are dents and cracks in shingles. This damage is pretty easy to spot, typically with the larger hail stones, you can see the point of impact. The point of impact may have cracks radiating outward from the area and it can chip away pieces of your shingles, especially if high winds are present. All of this can expose the fiberglass mat, limiting the life of your roofing. On a flat roof the impact from a large and dense piece of hail can also compromise the integrity of the insulation layer below TPO and PVC roofs, affecting the fire rating of the substrate.

Without being able to see obvious damage, it’s hard to be able to tell what type of damage your roof has taken. Sometimes damage from extreme weather such as hail, may not make itself known until months or even years after. Because Hail damage doesn’t just effect your roof (it also effects your wallet), it is something to take seriously. If you have concerns about your roof after a storm, give us a call and put our experience to work for you.


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