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Woods Cross, UT Flat Roofing

To keep your home warm, safe and comfortable all year it’s important to have a high-quality roof. Woods Cross gets heavy snow and sun each year which makes a roof that’s durable and easy to maintain even more important. Lloyd’s Quality Roofing is pleased to offer roof installation, replacement and repairs for businesses and homes in Woods Cross and the surrounding areas.

If you need a roofing contractor for a home you just built or your current roof needs replacing, our experienced team of residential roofers uses only the best materials there are. We are pleased to offer our customers a pre-installation inspection so we can address every part of your roofing installation. From choosing the correct insulation to making sure the worksite is perfectly clean at the end of the job, our friendly team can do it all.

One of our specialties is repairing and installing roofing that’s flat. You’ll feel confident that we will follow the correct Woods Cross city codes and zoning laws so that your roof looks and operates the way it should.

What are the Advantages of a Flat Roof?

There are several distinct advantages that flat roofs have over high-pitched roofs. Outbuildings and large structures typically have flat roofs, but many don’t know they are excellent choices for homes too. More space and cost effective than pitched roofing materials. Installation and maintenance costs can be kept fairly low with the installation of a flat roof.

A flat roof makes doing your own home maintenance easier than a pitched roof does. Being able to easily access the rooftop will make tasks like installing fixtures and cleaning gutters easy. Air conditioning units, solar panels and roof top gardens are great additions to a home that a flat roof makes possible. Your attic or upstairs rooms are also more efficient when the roof isn’t pitched.

In addition, flat roofs are cheaper and easier to recoat, which is also an excellent cost-effective bonus. Flat roofs very often come in fire and water proof options. A great option that Lloyd’s Quality Roofing offers is a single ply membrane that has a lifespan of more than 40 years.

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If you need a roof installed on a new home or your current roof needs replacing, Lloyd’s Quality Roofing can take care of it. We can take on any roofing job, whether your home needs work on a pitched or flat roof. Call us today and get a free estimate on flat roof installation in Woods Cross, UT.

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