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flat roomFlat Roofing Options in Clearfield, UT

A first-class roof makes sure people are comfortable and warm throughout the whole year. Clearfield gets tons of snowfall and sun every year, which makes a sturdy, simple-to-maintain roof even more critical. We’re happy to provide roof replacement, installation and repairs for businesses and homes in Clearfield, UT and the neighboring areas.

If your present roof must be replaced or you have a brand new house requiring a topper, our residential roofing experts use only the finest materials. Our customers get a pre-installation inspection in order to get a comprehensive understanding of exactly what your house needs. From deciding on the perfect insulation to making sure the work site is perfectly spotless at the end of the job, our skilled team can do it all.

Repairing and installing flat roofs are a couple of our fortes. Our roofing professionals always follow appropriate city codes and zoning laws to ensure that your roof is installed correctly.

What are the Advantages of a Flat Roof?

DIY home upkeep is simpler when you have a flat roof because they’re easier to get on top of than pitched roofs. Having an easy way to access to your roof makes it simpler and safer to clean gutters or install fixtures. Outdoor living spaces, solar panels and rooftop gardens add value to homes, and they’re easier to create on a flat roof. Upstairs attics and bedrooms are also more spacious and efficient when the roof above them is flat.

Additionally, flat roofs are lower cost and faster to re-coat, which saves homeowners money. Flat roofs are often fire and waterproof too. A great choice is single ply membrane which has a 40 year+ lifespan.

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If you need a roof installation or your existing roof must be replaced, Lloyd’s Quality Roofing can take care of it. We can take on any roofing job, whether your house needs work on a pitched or flat roof. Contact us soon for a complimentary roofing installation estimate in Clearfield, UT.

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